Clowder Framework

Welcome to Clowder’s documentation. Clowder is a web-based data management system that allows users to share, annotate, organize and analyze large collections of datasets. It provides support for extensible metadata annotation and distributed analytics for automatic curation of uploaded data. Clowder is open source software that can be customized and deployed on your own cloud.


This documentation is being updated. Please bear with us as we make this a much more useful document. If you want to contribute to the documentation the source is available here. Thank you!


  • For a high level overview of the project please visit

  • If you have questions for the Clowder you can chat with the developers on Slack or by sending an email to the mailing list (sign up).

  • Issue tracking, internal documents, continuous build and other information is available on NCSA Opensource. A copy of the source code can also be found on GitHub.

  • We are always looking for contributions.